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ScrollWall 2.0

ScrollWall is a very simple tool by which your desktop wallpaper can be changed automatically after every fixed time interval in sec, minutes or hours. You can also set it to change the desktop wallpaper at every startup. The set of wallpapers can be selected by you, from your computer, and this set can be modified whenever you want. So download and enjoy.

  • A very cool wallpaper changer
  • There is no limit on adding wallpapers
  • You can add your favorite wallpapers in a multiple selection mode
  • Wallpaper positions Tile, Center, Stretch can be set with ease
  • Time interval between wallpaper change can be set as low as 1 second
  • It can be set to change wallpaper on startup

  • Now you can choose a bunch of beautiful wallpapers from this great tool and let them rotate on your desktop with a custom time interval. It is of great use and fun like if you just rocked in a party and have a bunch of its great pics, choose them all to rotate at your desktop and see your desktop going live.

    Licence : Freeware Size = 1.82 MB
    Platform : Win Xp, Vista, 7 View Screenshot


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